Angry cat

Angry cat

Level 1:

An American family has a big cat. It is 22 pounds (10 kilograms) heavy. The family has a baby, too. It is seven months old. The cat attacks the baby.

The baby is not injured badly. Its head is only a little scratched. However, the family has a problem. They are in the bedroom. The cat is outside the room. The family cannot get out of the bedroom. If they get out, the cat attacks them.

The man calls the police. The police come and stop the cat.

Difficult words: injured (have problems with the body), scratch (to cut skin a little), however (but).


Something unusual happened to an American family.

Their seven-month-old baby was attacked by the family’s cat. Luckily, the baby was not seriously injured. It only had some scratches on its forehead. However, the family was trapped in the bedroom for some time, as the cat wouldn’t let them out.

The cat is a large Himalayan. It weighs 22 pounds (10 kilograms) and it has a history of violence. The family didn’t know what to do, so the man called the police and the cat was contained. The family is now considering what to do with the cat.

Difficult words: Himalayan (a very large pet cat), violence (attacking and hurting somebody), contain (stop or control), consider (think about).


An American family called for help after its 10-kilogram Himalayan cat scratched its seven-month-old baby and held all of them hostage inside a bedroom.

The conversation between the family and emergency services was recorded. The victims said that their cat had a history of violence and was being really bad at that moment. Luckily, the baby did not need any medical attention.

Emergency services sent police over to contain the cat, and the family is considering what to do with its feline foe now that there is a baby.

Difficult words: feline (a cat), foe (an enemy).

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