Baby bird and boxer dog

Baby bird and boxer dog

Baby bird and boxer dog

level 1:

A baby bird falls out of her mother’s nest. She falls into a garden. A dog finds her. The dog likes the bird. The dog takes care of her.

The dog’s owner makes a home for the bird in an indoor tree. The bird lives there, but she prefers to be with the dog.

The dog’s owner likes all of this. The owner takes videos of the dog and the bird together. The owner puts the videos on the Internet. The videos are very popular.

Difficult words: nest (a place where birds live), prefer (like to do something).

Level 2:

After a baby bird fell into a garden from her nest, she formed a surprising friendship with a dog. The dog did not harm the bird but took care of her.

The dog’s owner made a new home for the bird in an indoor tree, but the owner found that the dog and the bird preferred to stay together.

The owner began filming them and their activities and then put the videos on the Internet. You can see the dog and bird play hide-and-seek or lay together. The videos are very popular as people have already watched them thousands of times.

Difficult words: harm (hurt), hide-and-seek (a children’s game).

You can read the original story  in the Level 3 section.

An unlikely friendship! This bouncing boxer dog has taken a baby bird under his wing.

The adorable duo formed this unexpected bond after two-year-old Rusty took a shine to the chick after she fell out of her nest and landed in his garden. And the two can even be seen indulging in a spot of hide-and-seek.

They’ve already proved an Internet hit. Videos posted by Rusty’s owner have been viewed thousands of times and counting. And little birdie has set up home, nesting herself in a potted indoor tree, although she seems to prefer nuzzling in Rusty’s paws.

But despite their closeness, sometimes you need your friends to give you a little push in the right direction.

Difficult words: under one’s wing (take care of someone), duo (two of something), take a shine to (like something), indulge (enjoy), a spot (a little bit), set up (build), nesting (making a nest), nuzzling (friendly touching with a nose), a push in the right direction (help someone do something).


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