Dangerous train game

Dangerous train game

Dangerous train game

Level 1:

In India, some teenagers have a game. This is a dangerous game. A fast train can hit them.

An amateur video shows seven boys. They wait for a train. They are on a bridge. The train is coming at them full speed. When the train is near them, they jump from the bridge into a river. The train almost hits them.

Then they swim in the river. They are lucky that they are alive.

Difficult words: amateur (not professional), almost (nearly), alive (not dead).


In India, some teenagers have a very dangerous game. A high-speed train almost hits them.

An amateur video shows how seven boys are waiting on the bridge when the train is coming at full speed. They jump off the bridge into a river only seconds before the train can hit them.

Then they swim down the river to the bank. They are lucky that they survived.

Difficult words: jump off (jump from), bank (the side of a river).

You can read the original story  in the Level 3 section

Dodging death, these daredevil teenagers in India have taken childish games to a dangerous new level, narrowly avoiding being run over by a high-speed train in their path.

This amateur video shows how these railway tracks in the northern Uttar Pradesh province have become a deadly playground.

The seven boys are seen waiting on the tracks as the train steams on at full speed before jumping off the bridge into a river with just seconds to spare.

Swimming down the stream, no doubt spurred on by adrenalin, these boys were lucky to have made it to the other side.

Difficult words: dodging (move quickly in order not to be hit), daredevil (somebody who likes to do dangerous activities), avoid (prevent something bad from happening), steam on (go very fast), seconds to spare (seconds before something happens), spur on (motivated by), adrenalin (a chemical in your body that makes you think and move very fast).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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