Explosions in Brussels

Explosions in Brussels

Explosions in Brussels

The capital of Belgium is Brussels. There are three explosions in Brussels. Two happen at an airport. One is at a metro station. The metro station is close to the EU buildings.

The explosions are suicide attacks. People film the situation. They put their videos online.

People evacuate the airport. Planes stop flying. People close the metro. The terror threat in Belgium goes to maximum level.

Difficult words: suicide attacks (an attack when the attacker or criminal kills himself or herself while attacking people), evacuate (if people evacuate a building, everybody must leave the building), terror threat (the danger of a terror attack).

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There were three explosions in Brussels, Belgium. Two of them were at the airport and the third was at a metro station close to the EU buildings.

Some Belgium media reported that a suicide attack caused the airport explosions. People also heard gunfire before the explosions. People filmed the moments after the explosions and shared them online.

People evacuated the airport and cancelled flights. They closed the metro system in Brussels. Brussels went into lockdown. The government raised the terror threat in Belgium  to maximum level.

Difficult words: suicide attack (an attack during in which the attacker kills himself or herself while attacking others), lockdown (a state of isolation for security reasons), threat (a danger).

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Three explosions in Belgium have been reported: two in Zaventem Airport and a third at a metro station close to the EU buildings in Brussels.

Footage shows people running away from the departures as smoke can clearly be seen rising from the airport building. Some Belgium media have reported that the airport explosions were caused by a suicide attack, and there are reports of gunfire heard at the airport before the blast.

The aftermath of the explosion has been captured and shared online. The Belgium fire service told the local media there were multiple fatalities and casualties and figures are expected to rise. Flights have been cancelled at the airport, which has been evacuated. Images of smoke coming from the Brussels metro station have also been circulating on social media.

The metro system in Brussels has been closed as the city goes into lockdown, and the terror threat in Belgium has been raised to maximum level 4 across the country following the blasts. They come just four days after the capture in Brussels of Salah Abdeslam, the main suspect in the Paris attacks in November.

Difficult words: blast (an explosion), aftermath (the situation after a disaster), fatality (a death), casualty (a death or an injury), figure (a number), circulate (to go around).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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