Human Trafficking in Romania

Human Trafficking in Romania

Human Trafficking in Romania


This news comes from Romania. Some criminals kidnap people. They find them at places like railway stations. This starts to happen in 2008.

The criminals make the people be slaves. Some of these slaves are children. Their masters don’t behave well. They give them only little food.

The police find some of these criminals and slaves. The police find 29 criminals. The police save 5 slaves. The police believe that there are more criminals. They believe that there are 40 slaves altogether.

Difficult words: kidnap (take somebody away and hide him or her), slave (a person who is owned by another person), master (a person who owns somebody or something).

Level 2:

Starting in 2008, a human trafficking gang began kidnapping people, including children, from public places in Romania. The gang made these people become slaves. Their masters treated them badly by feeding them only little food and possibly raping them.

Recently, police stopped this gang’s activity when they arrested 29 criminals and saved five of the victims. The police believe that there are more criminals and a total of 40 victims that they still need to find.

Difficult words: human trafficking (when criminals illegally trade or sell people), kidnap (take somebody away and hide them), rape (make a person have sex), victim (a person who had something bad happen to him or her).

You can read the original story  in the Level 3 section:

Anti-mafia police have broken up a Romanian human trafficking gang, which forced dozens of kidnapped victims, including children, into beggary and slavery.

Authorities rescued five people from a village in central Romania and arrested 29 suspects thought to be part of the ring. A hunt is being conducted around the site, which is just 170 kilometres northwest of Bucharest. It’s thought that there are more crime ring members at loose and as many as 40 victims overall.

The director for fighting organised crime and terrorism said some of the victims had been kidnapped from around public places such as railway stations since 2008 and had been fed only scraps of food by their masters. There’s also suspicion that some of the victims were raped but that has not been verified. No other details about the victims or their whereabouts have been disclosed.

Difficult words: trafficking (when people illegally trade or sell something), ring (a group of people who work together for one goal), conduct (do), at loose (free), scraps (small pieces), suspicion (feeling that somebody probably did something bad), verify (prove), whereabouts (the location of someone), disclose (tell to people).


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