Marine life in danger

Marine life in danger


There is a study. It is about marine animals. In the world, there are fewer and fewer marine animals. There are 50% less marine animals in the world than in 1970.

This is not good news. The situation is getting worse fast. This is a problem for animals.

This is a problem for people, too. Many people need the ocean. They need it to make money.

Why is this happening? The water is getting warmer. The climate is changing. Also, people fish too much.

Difficult words: study (a text written by scientists about something), marine (the sea), climate (the typical weather of an area).

Level 2:

A study says that the population of marine species around the world declined by 49% between 1970 and 2012. The study shows that marine life is disappearing faster than scientists thought.

This is bad news for the animals, as well as people. Many people need the ocean to make a living.

The reason for this is rising water temperatures, over-fishing and climate change. Experts say that we could lose the coral reefs from most areas by 2050.

Difficult words: species (a type of animal), decline (to become less).

Level 3:

A study of global data on more than a thousand marine species around the world shows populations declined by 49% between 1970 and 2012. The study of marine mammals, ranging from birds to reptiles and fish, has highlighted that marine life is disappearing faster than conservationists have feared. The figure is actually 10% higher than their previous estimate.

Whilst the potentially catastrophic decline is bad news for ecosystems, the findings spell trouble for all nations, especially people in the developing world who depend on the ocean’s resources. According to the report, the blame for halving global fish stocks falls heavily on over-fishing and climate change, with the deep sea fish population down 72%.

Rising water temperatures and increasing acidity have left 3/4 of coral reefs under threat.

Experts highlight that we could lose coral reefs from most areas by 2050. There are also fears that a quarter of the world’s sharks, rays and skates could eventually become extinct.

Difficult words: highlight (to point out), figure (a number), spell (to mean), stock (number), ray (a big fish that moves in the water like a bird), skate (a type of a ray).



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