Have (get) + something + past participle (the third form of a verb) means that we use someone else services to do, repair, etc. something for us.

I must have my shoes repaired.
We had our house painted last year.

Be + said + to + verb when we say something about someone or a thing.

She is said to be the best player.
This car is said to have very low consumption.

Prepositions in questions beginning with question – words are usually placed at the end of the questions in English.

Who is she talking about?
Who are you waiting for?

A short answer to a question can be expressed by an auxiliary verb.

Do they go school?
Yes, they do. / No, they don’t.

Has he talked to him?
Yes, he has./ No, he hasn’t.

• In sentences related to time after conjunctions such as, as soon as, before, till, until, when, while and if the present tense is used instead of the future one

I will tell you when he comes.
We will help you as soon as we have time.

In a compound question the second sentence is in a positive form.

Can you tell us where the museum is?
Will you tell me where I can buy it?

Become, get, turn, fall, go + adjective.

They are becoming famous.
He got tired.
She turned red.
It was getting cold.

• Construction „have + noun“.

I have breakfast every day at seven.
Please, have a look at it.
We will have a shower first.
Have an apple.

• Construction used to + verb expresses an action which was repeated in the past.

I used to work harder when I was young.
We used to sing every night.

• Construction of be likely to + verb when it means probably.

He is likely to answer your question.
They are likely to arrive in the evening.

• Construction happen to + verb when it means by chance.

We happened to meet him in Las Vegas when were walking down the main street.
Please let us know if you happen to find the keys.

• By placing “do (in the third person does and in that case verbs does not take “s”)” or “did” between noun and a verb in present simple and past simple in positive sentences we put more emphasis on what we say.

You do work hard.
She does help us very much.
He did bring it yesterday.

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