Prisoners Save a Guard

Prisoners Save a Guard

Prisoners Save a Guard

Level 1:

This happens in Texas, USA. Some prisoners are at a court. They are in a cell. They see the guard outside of their cell collapse. Something is wrong with him. They get out of the cell.

They do not run away. The prisoners try to help the guard. They call for help. No one comes. Then they use his radio to call for help.

More guards come. The prisoners go back in their cell. The guards try to help.

People from hospital come. They help the guard. People are thanking the prisoners for saving the guard’s life.

Difficult words: prisoner (someone who stays in jail), cell (a small room), collapse (fall down).


In Texas, USA, some prisoners did a very surprising thing. When they saw their guard collapse outside their cell, they broke out not to run away but to help him. They called for help and when no one came, they used his radio to call for other guards at the court.

The other guards showed up and put the prisoners back into their cell. The others tried CPR and then called for paramedics. The guard ended up surviving, and people are now crediting these prisoners for their quick actions.

Difficult words: collapse (fall down from a problem), paramedic (a person who tries to save a life before that person goes to hospital), CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation – stimulating the heart and breathing inside the body to help the person), credit (say someone did something good).

You can read the original story  in the Level 3 section.

This is a prison break like no other. These hand-cuffed inmates broke out their holding cell when the guard supervising them collapsed. But, instead of escaping, they used his radio to call for help.

CCTV captured the moment the officer collapsed at Weatherford District Court Building in Texas. Immediately after, the inmates can be seen shouting for help. But when no one comes, they break out and try to assist. When the other guards arrive, the inmates are returned to their cell, where they watch on as CPR is attempted. Eventually, paramedics arrive on the scene.

The actions of the inmates have been credited with saving the officer’s life.

Difficult words: inmate (a person in prison), holding cell (a room prisoners stay inside while they are at court), CCTV (closed-circuit television, security cameras), CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), attempt (try),  paramedic  (a medical professional who helps people survive before they go to hospital), scene (a place), credit (say someone has done something good).


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