Red tide in Chile

Red tide in Chile

Red tide in Chile

This news is from southern Chile. Something bad happens there. The seawater turns red. People call this “red tide”. It makes the seafood toxic.

People are not sure why this happens. It can be El Nino. Some people say that it is because of salmon farming. The government says that this is not the reason.

Fishing is very important in southern Chile. The fishermen there are in trouble. They protest. They ask the government for help.

Difficult words: toxic (something toxic can make you sick or kill you), government (the leaders of a country), reason (why something happens).

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The “red tide” is a great environmental crisis. In southern Chile, it is a phenomenon, which turns sea water red and makes seafood toxic. El Nino is probably one of the reasons. El Nino warms the ocean and creates conditions which are right for the deadly algal bloom.

The “red tide” paralysed the local fishing industry, which is very important in the area. The situation made the fishermen protest. They said that the government is not doing enough to help them.

Some say that the local salmon farming industry created the situation. The government and the salmon producers say that this is not true.

Difficult words: environmental crisis (something bad which happens to the environment – the natural world), phenomenon (something which happens in nature), algal bloom (when there is many tiny algae – a simple plant that lives in water), paralyse (to stop completely).

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It’s believed to be one of the Chile’s worst environmental crises in recent years. This is the horrifying effect of a “red tide”, an outbreak of a deadly algal bloom.

It’s a naturally recurring phenomenon in southern Chile, turning sea water red and making seafood toxic, but the extent of this outbreak is unprecedented. Scientists say the El Nino weather pattern is a likely key factor, warming the ocean and creating bloom-friendly conditions.

This expert says it’s been called the Godzilla el Nino in the United States because it’s thought to be one of the most intense in the last 100 years. He said we had an intense el Nino in 1982, ’97, and in 2015, but this most recent one is more intense than its predecessors.

The “red tide” has paralysed the local fishing industry, an important source of income for many coastal communities, and has sparked angry protests by fishermen who say the government hasn’t provided enough compensation. Some are blaming the local salmon farming industry for exacerbating the problem, citing the dumping of dead fish by farmers in March. The government and salmon producers deny the link, but if the cause of the latest bloom is in dispute, the solution is even less obvious and environmental campaigners say the situation is not expected to get better any time soon.

Difficult words: algal bloom (a rapid growth of microscopic algae – a simple aquatic plant), phenomenon (something which happens in nature), unprecedented (not seen before), predecessor (something coming before), spark (to cause suddenly), compensation (help or money), exacerbate (to make a problem worse).


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