Strongest robot in the world

Strongest robot in the world

Strongest robot in the world

A company makes robots. The company is Japanese. It makes a really strong robot. It is the strongest robot in the world.

It can lift 1.7 tonnes. Two small cars weigh 1.7 tonnes. Twenty-four people weigh 1.7 tonnes.

The robot is great. It almost cannot be broken. It can change a lot.

Difficult words: company (a business), lift (to pick up), weight (to be heavy).

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A Japanese company created the strongest robot in the world. The company hopes that it will redefine factory automation capabilities.

The robot has a long name – M-20001A/1700L – but that is not important. What is, is that it can lift up to 1.7 tonnes. That is the equivalent of two small cars or 24 people.

The robot also has the highest level of protection. It is almost indestructible.

Difficult words: redefine (to change dramatically), equivalent (something which is the same in something like weight), indestructible (something which cannot be destroyed).

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This is the strongest robot in the world. Appearing to defy gravity, it can lift and position entire car bodies effortlessly. Named the catchy M-2000IA/1700L, it breaks the world record of heaviest weight a robot can lift. No other can lift anything that heavy.

Performing simple and complex tasks, it lifts loads of up to a massive 1.7 tonnes, which is the equivalent of two small cars or 24 people. The monster machine has been created by Japanese robotics and automation provider FANUC.

It’s a little bit complicated, but the robot can boast a wrist which has an ingress protection rating of 7, which basically means it has the second highest level of protection against the intrusion of solid objects, so it’s pretty indestructible. To give you an idea, IP 1 would protect it from dripping water, IP 4 would protect it from splashing water, and IP 6 would protect it from powerful jetting water.

The robot’s six axes and its wrist makes it an agile weightlifter, moving and placing objects within a large defined working area to an extremely high degree of precision. FANUC saw a need to increase the efficiency of the handling process of heavy materials for a variety of manufacturing industries. The robot now brings us into a new age and the company hopes it will redefine factory automation capabilities.

Difficult words: defy (to defeat), catchy (a catchy name is a name which people can remember easily; here, it is sarcastic), boast (have something which is really cool), ingress (the unwanted introduction of water or other objects), intrusion (a thing which intrudes – it is where you do not want it), axis plural: axes (a line around which something rotates), agile (able to move quickly and easily), precision (very exact), automation (doing something without people).


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