Vocabulary for Ielts:Education-Part 2

Vocabulary for Ielts:Education-Part 2

Vocabulary for Ielts:Education-Part 2

Education (Part 2)

University course:

  • BA/BSc = Bachelor of Arts Degree
  • MA/MSc = Masters of Arts/ Masters of Science
  • PhD = Doctorate
  • Certificate = a lower level qualification often offered at colleges rather than universities. This is also the word used the for documentation received for completing any type of course or degree ( she received her certificate for her BA degree)
  • Diploma
  • Online course
  • Distance Learning Course
  • Vocational course= a course which teaches you skills for a specific job, for example engineering
  • Non–Vocational course= a course which is not related to a job but to a general subject instead, such as Biology.


Useful Verbs& Nouns

  • to graduate from a university= complete a degree course/ to finish university
  • to enroll on a degree course = put your name down for a degree course
  • to major in physics = to choose physics as your main subject at university
  • to attend a lecture= to go to listen to a speaker at university often with a large audience in a lecture theatre
  • to attend a tutorial= to go to a meeting with professor usually in small group held in his /her office
  • deliver a lecture = to give or to talk a presentation
  • to lecture in media studies = to talk about media studies or to teach media studies at university
  • the faculty of business = a department specialising in business at university
  • to read history = to study history
  • to do or complete course book = doing project work or assignments as part of your course
  • undergraduate (n) = someone currently doing their first degree
  • graduate ( n) = someone who has completed a degree course
  • note- taking = being able to maintain the level of studying required
  • fall behind with studies = fail to keep pace with the school/ university work



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