Vocabulary for Ielts:Education-part one

Vocabulary for Ielts:Education-part one

Vocabulary for Ielts:Education-part one

These are the most common words and collocations which you will need to learn in order to talk or write about school or university successfully. After each section of vocabulary, there are exercises for you to practice using the words.

Educational Institutions

1- kindergarten= pre- school education

2- primary school

3- Secondary school

4- Collage= further education

5- Higher education= university education= tertiary education

6- post- graduate school=university for students studying beyond degree level

School subjects:

  • Maths                 
  • language            
  • literature  
  • geography
  • Science:   physics/ biology / chemistry / natural science
  • Religious study
  • history
  • informational technology (IT)
  • physical education (PE)
  • cookery= domestic / food science
  • handicraft
  • art
  • music


Vocabulary Exercise: school subject

1- One of the reasons that I didn’t like——— was because of the lab work which sometimes involved dissection.

2- I’ve always enjoyed learning about how chemicals react with one another so I decided to choose——— as one of my main subjects.

3- When I was a child, we practiced——— three times a week which was fine in summer but was freezing during the winter when you have to football or hockey outside.

4-My teacher encouraged us to take part in ———- in order to develop skills beyond what is taught in scheduled lessons.

5-I used to find complicated calculations difficult as well as algebra but when we got a new ——– teacher, it all become much easier to understand.

6-One of my favourite subjects was ————- because you had a chance to get out of the classroom and learn more about the environment.

7- Teachers were really strict on ——– in exams. The exam invigilators won’t even let you have your bag in the exam room.

8- Poetry should be taught more in ——- lessons in order to help students develop a deeper understanding of their language and culture.

9- I always loved studying maps. We spent a lot of time in our——- lessons tracing the borders of countries and learn the capital cities of different countries.

10- My worst subject at school was ———- because I was completely tone deaf.


1- biology                                     2- chemistry

3- physical education                     4- extracurricular activitie

5- math’s                                      6- natural science

7- cheating                                    8- literature

9- geography                                 10- music


Useful Language & Collocations

1- lab work= laboratory experiments

2- dissection= cutting up animals for scientific research

3- scheduled lessons= lessons which are planned and written into a school curriculum

4- algebra= formulas and equations in mathematics

5- to give out or assign homework/ to do or complete homework

6- to do, to participate or to take part in school activities or sport

7- to complete high school / to graduate high school

8- tracing= copying, outlining in pencil

9- tone deaf= without ear for music= unable tp participate or hear different music and notes


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